Panoramic & Hydraulic

Panoramic Elevators is combined with the study achievement of adaptability between JM elevator system and architecture. It is completely integrated with building and entirely enhances architecture aesthetics and value. Panoramic Elevator is just like the eyes of building, which let the architecture character to outpour completely. If you have taken the Panoramic Elevator, you could have viewed flourishing city from 270 angles and also yourself had become the part of whole scenery. Panoramic Elevator has a unique ventilation system, which can pump outside fresh air into the elevator, so makes passengers feel fresh and relaxation. JM Elevator Engineers regards city, architecture and passenger as the core of the solution of building carry system. Panoramic Elevator is a unification of architectural function and visual aesthetics sense, which adds the building more attractive from inside to outside.

1- Panoramic Elevator Features
2- VVVF control system, to save the power consume.
3- PLC Based 24 volt control system.
4- Geared/Gearless/MRL Traction system.
5- Speeds ranging from 1.0 m/s.
6- Capacities from 6 Persons to 27 Persons.