Hospital Elevator

Standard Specifications:

  • • Attendant running——Elevator is operated by attendant, attendant press car calls as request of passengers and elevator will run to the destination floor according to the car calls.
  • • Automatic adjustment of door opening time——According to current registered landing call and call call situation, system will automaticlly adjust the door open holding time.
  • • Micro push button——C.O.P.and H.O.P. both adopts new micro push button.
  • • Running state display——System can indicates running direction, floor, door state, default ect.Dot matrix floor indicator.
  • • Floor push button, same number with the floor number.
  • • Up & down direction arrow indicator.
  • • Intercom, Alarm, Fireman Switch.
  • • Emergency car lighting——Emergency car lighting automatically activated once power failure.
  • • Elevator brand, function description, capacity, overload description & operation manual.
  • • A cabinet operated by a key comprising power switch, illumination switch & fan switch.
  • • Flooring: PVC
  • • Ceiling as per requirement
  • • Car top and bottom cover