Home Lifts

Standard Specifications:

  • • Full collective control——Controller Will Automatically Select The Nearest Elevator Responding Passenger's Call.
  • • Inspection operation——automatically Move To the Nearest Levelling In A Slow Speed.
  • • Slow speed running——In normal condition The Elevator will automatically move to the nearest levelling in a slow speed.
  • • Automatic door opening——Elevator open the door automatically.
  • • Protection of door lock up outside door area——No door opening when it is not in levelling position.
  • • Bell——In emergency conditions. If bell button above car operation panel is continuously pressed. Electric bell rings on top of the car.
  • • Intercom, Alarm, Fireman Switch.
  • • Elevator brand, function description, capacity, overload description & operation manual.
  • • A cabinet operated by a key comprising power switch, illumination switch & fan switch.
  • • Flooring: PVC
  • • Ceiling as per requirement
  • • Car top and bottom cover